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Satan—Grand Master of Misdirection

Yes, I know, I know—ANOTHER post about that silly red Starbucks cup. But bear with me. I think it will be worth your time to read this.



S1cfdaK8-5616-3744I’ve always enjoyed watching a good magician do his “magic.” And just for the sake of clarity, let me be sure you understand that when I refer to a magician, I’m not referring to one in the biblical sense, but rather someone who is an illusionist—like David Copperfield, or Criss Angel. They will readily admit that they don’t have any special powers. They have simply honed their ability to misdirect: to draw someone’s attention away from what they are actually doing. While your eyes are on their right hand, they are grabbing the hidden scarf with their left, ready to amaze you into thinking it came from out of thin air.

While there are some really good illusionists out there working today, let me suggest to you that Satan is probably the best. Continue reading Satan—Grand Master of Misdirection

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What I Believe about Worship (and Why)

Stop and think for a moment about all the things that God has done for you.
I don’t think any of us are starving. None of us are naked. None of us walked to worship services this week (unless it was by choice). We all left and ate a wonderful lunch. Then we might even have taken a nap in the comfort of our home.

Beyond those things, those of us who have obeyed the Gospel had that nap in peace knowing that God has forgiven us of our sins, through Christ’s blood (cf. Revelation 1.5)

While considering God’s salvation, the Psalmist penned these words: Continue reading What I Believe about Worship (and Why)